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ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 28/02/2016
Added H
yundia I Load replacement intercooler to our range

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 18/01/2016
Deleted a couple of sizes in our cast bend range. Hard to source

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 10/06/2015
After 5 years at the same price we have had to raise the price of our Patrol 'Aggressive' scoops
. We managed to absorb half of the fiberglasser's increase - so don't whinge to me !

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 13/04/2015
A big R&D project on Navara/Pathfinder V9X intercoolers & pipes
 - allot of useful information on why this system is so bad from Nissan

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 16/09/2013
After 4 years at the same price we have had to raise the price of our Patrol intercoolers 

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 09/05/2013
Added our Nissan Navara D22 replacement & Upgrade intercoolers 

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 22/12/2012
Xmas Wish & trading hours 
Couple of additions & small price change to thick wall mandrel bend.

Tech Talk
 Reloaded the horror pics & Construction wording & pictures. 12 years old but still very relevant to today.

Update: 06/07/2011
4x4 Plennums
 Added nissan TD42 front entry & some of Heath Lawson's Hi-Tech setup. More of  this 'extreme' air/water competition setup to come.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 28/08/2011
Nissan Plennums 
Added our new performance plennum to suit a top mount intercooler.

Update: 06/07/2011
SFS Silicon Hoses 
There has been a 9% price rise for these hoses.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 26/06/2011
Nissan Upgrades 
New price for our Nissan scoop - yes it is more - sorry.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 05/10/2010
Nissan Upgrades 
Added our new sheet metal ZD30 CRD upgrade intercooler.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 05/10/2009
Nissan Upgrades 
Updated our prices with a reduction in scoop prices due to bases being water -  jet cut

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 15/06/2009
Nissan Upgrades 
Added our new sheet metal TD42 upgrade intercooler.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 05/10/2009
Nissan Upgrades 
Added a table of fan under intercooler air flow figures.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 05/10/2009
Nissan Upgrades
  Added pictures, information & Victorian distributor to this page.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 02/10/2009
Rodeo & Jackaroo page   Added pictures, price & information to this page.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 14/09/2009
 4x4 Product Range.   Added pictures & information to most pages


ball.gif (1653 bytes) Update September 2009
4x4 Product Range

OE Replacements & Upgrades

Nissan Patrol - ZD30 & TD42

Holden Rodeo RA & Jackaroo



 Shaker Top Mounts'




ball.gif (1653 bytes)Update: 06/10/2008

        SFS & GT silicon price change - Surprisingly, most SFS prices have come down !!


       Summernats 08 results - Craigs 1895rwhp, write up, pdf, movie & pics. more to follow.


      Class of 07 - this is 3 to 4 pics (no words) of some of our work as we go.


      Added new GT range of Silicon hoses with test pictues.

16 / 05 / 07

      Updated Saturday morning closing with new 10 hour week days.

26 / 04 / 07

22 / 02 / 06

07 / 02 / 06

02 / 10 / 05

          28 / 07 / 05
           Plennums -  Our new Mitsubishi 4G63T Street-race  plennums

22 / 06 / 05

         15 / 06 / 05

  •  Specials -  Added Toyota 3RZ engine build kit for street turbo.












  • Products -  Added cheap complete radiator assemblies  for 180SX & Silvia's.

01 / 12 / 04

          Customers cars - four by four -
added new air- water Landcruiser V8 td. More pics to come
          Customers cars - Competition 
- added two pics to Patrol - more to come.
          Customers cars - Competition  - added results to APC lancer.
Products - Added our alternate range of cheap intercoolers & cores.
Products - 
Added our alternate range of cheap radiators.

15 / 11 / 04

08 / 11 / 04

06 / 11 / 04 

17 / 09 / 04

13 / 07 / 04

05 / 07 / 04

29 / 06 / 04

27 / 06 / 04

  •       Water-Air intercooler - 2000hp? - Craig Munro's commodore project. 40 + pictures & a PDF file with 7 pages from our computer programme. More info than I should give away.

12 / 06 / 04

10 / 06 / 04

17 / 04 / 04

29 / 02 / 04

28 / 01 / 04

17 / 01 / 04

12 / 12 / 03

  •          New intro page

  •          Specials Page - Remove those sold & add new 

18 / 10 / 03

16 / 08 / 03


  •          Research and Development added  PDF file & explanation of our Data log test. It will be the first of many.

21 / 04 / 03

  •         Customers Cars The four days of Easter have been spent updating this section, 84 pictures & words. Pictures & wording added to Project HiLux.  Allot of original pictures downsized because of our constant struggle with room.

  •         Customers Cars - pictures of Glen Dale & Bill Dixon Corvettes, Leigh Russells Suzuki 800, & John Whittakers Datsun 260Z


  •          Customers Cars - 3 pictures deleted. 8 new pictures added.

                    1 picture also added too HotChilli heading.

                     31 old pictures deleted out of intercoolers - our site is too large & room has to be             made for new pics. etc.



  • Research and Development - has had a complete rewrite, with more info and pics added.  A very worthwhile section to check out!  ARE invests lots of time and effort into a R&D program and this section outlines some of the information we've gained.

  • Repairs/Modifications - has been reformatted and reworded for quicker downloading.



Well, it may have been quite a while since our last update but this one more than makes up for the drought!  A new look, a new line up, and more info than ever before...

  • Intercoolers - a must read - If you want to know why we a not the cheapest intercooler company in Australia this explains it.  ARE intercoolers are designed from things learnt through hundreds of hours of R&D.  Our products look-good and they perform!

  • Hot Chilli Intercoolers - There are not over 50 intercoolers in this range, and come in both tube & fin or bar & plate core design.

  • Hot Chilli Kits - We now offer complete Hot Chilli Intercooler and piping kits for the most popular turbo cars.

  • Technical - The whole tech talk section of the site has been revamped and altered.

  • Sales - Our sales form and information has changed, we now offer a trade section.



  • Product Changes - We have had, and are still undergoing major product changes and developments.  We've just got our first batch of new, improved design cast intercooler tanks, and have more coming.  The major change is that the Hot Chilli Intercooler range has been completely updated.  See the Intercooler page.

  • Skyline GTR Replacement Intercoolers (as advertised in Zoom/Fast Fours) have been added to our range.  Remember they are suitable for a large number of vehicles, not just skylines.

  • Piping Kits - We will very shortly be able to offer numerous complete intercooler/piping kits.




  • Contact, We're Moving - has been updated.  
         We have now moved into our new premises at Unit 11 / 60 Kremzow Rd      Brendale, and have a new phone number [+61] (07) 3205 4620

  • A new, large update coming very soon.





There have been several changes over the past while the latest are...

A few small things added and changed, mainly cosmetic but...

We've been really busy lately and unfortunatley this update is a little long in coming but...

  • Hot Chilli - has been updated - check out our new Silvia kit...

  • Intercoolers  - has been updated with a new job

  • Project Rodeo - has been updated with our latest flow bench testing results and comments

Round 2 of the Fast Fours and Rotary's Series from Willowbank raceway has been uploaded with the full results, heaps of pictures and some commentary.

On a personal note, we wish Mick McGreggor (NIS016) a speedy recovery

ARE would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and to thank those who have dealt off us for their custom throughout the last year, we look forward to continuing our standard of work in this new century.

A couple of pictures and text added today - a small update though

ball.gif (1653 bytes) 21/12/00  - A tiny update today.  Just a chance for all of us here at ARE to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and to thank you for your support throughout 2000.

  • Pictures were added to Project Rodeo - she was on the beach today.

ball.gif (1653 bytes) 01/12/00 - Another large update, and another facelift (I get bored quickly and have to play...)

  • - our new and improved range of sheet metal fabricated aluminium intercoolers.  Check it out!!!

  • A four cylinder and rotary series at Willowbank Raceway, that we are proud to be part sponsors of (best reaction time award).  This page has loads of pics (37) from round 1 alone...

  • two important links in the cooling chain
                              - Thermostat's - the what's what 
                              - Radiator Caps - why we need them. (© Tridon Pty Ltd)

ball.gif (1653 bytes) 20/10/00 - Quite a big update today, quite a few hours too.

Also, there will be another new range or products coming late this week, so keep checking back.....


ball.gif (1653 bytes)   Check out ARE's new secure online shopping site...

        COMING SOON....
            We're going to be releasing a new line of product very soon, probably next week, so keep checking     back.

ball.gif (1653 bytes)  Update...

We had some comments from customers remarking that the site was a little hard to navigate, so we responded to those remarks ASAP.  
            Site Map page added

We also changed the format of the frames pages to allow readers more screen to view the text.

Features was also updated, adding
            Links Page
            Shows Page - were all the trade and motorsport shows and events we attend will be listed.

There was also another technical page added to Tech Talk
            Focus on Radiators
            Glossary - it come to our attention that not all those who view this website had understanding of all the terms, so we added a glossary section.

Please Note:  ARE takes pride in, and is dedicated to improving our standard of work, not only in manufacture, but also the promotion and educational aspect.  Therefore if you have any suggestions, complements, or grievances please don't hesitate to contact either the Sales or Web Department.

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ball.gif (1653 bytes) Previous Update

        Check our new Chilli stock line products.  We've added pictures, prices and info, into our new section in ARE shop.

Also updated:
        Intercooler Pictures
        Radiator Pictures
        Horror Photo's
        Customers Cars

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ball.gif (1653 bytes) Update: 

A whole new look web site!!!

Due to our customer's valued feedback, ARE has designed a whole new look website, now also including 'ARE Shop' where you can check out all the high performance products ARE has on offer.

Also check out the new easier to use, Features section.  It includes 'Tech Talk' and 'Customers Cars' sections.

ARE Web Department



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