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Please check back regularly for new specials...

Below are various ARE products that are available for sale today.  Most of the below products are units that have been made up for stock, or are spare.  They are made from and with the same care and precision of all out other products, just that they have been discounted for quick sale...

$999.00 inc
XTRIK intercooler kit for
Nissan s13/CA18 & 180sx

Regular retail price $1450 inc.
Includes intercooler, piping, silicones, clamps and instructions.

$498 inc

Intercooler piping kit for
Toyota Supra 2JZ-JZA80 
(Intercooler not included)

$998 inc

Air/Water Intercooler

Dual 51m inlet single 63mm outlet.
Was modelled for 2.6Lt petrol, 5500 rpm and 12lb boost.
Best suited for high air flow, than hot air flow.

Was $1660 inc

Intercoolers - assy's & cores

Horsepower Heaven.
2800+hp  cooled properly 
between the two cores !!.
900kw in front - 1200 kw in  rear core.
660x353x149mm t&f. Cool approx.  Ret $1390.00
Special price $1080.00 inc.    
The factory couldn't seal 2  pin hole weeps so we weld -ed every joint to be sure
610x300 x149mm t&f. 
Special $890.00 inc With tanks $1490.00 incl.
Our mk2 a-w intercooler. This unit was only run on a dyno once. Core size x . Pipes 2 x 51mm in & 1 x 63mm out.
Will cool 250kw. Custom water inlet log. Ret. $2000.  
Special price $1000.00 inc.
3 x a-w cores from our mk.2 intercoolers. More race than road.
Special -     Left core $200.00. price    - Middle core $230.00
            -   Right core $380.00.
300+kw in each core !
The three cores on left are derivatives of our mark 2 a-w intercoolers. Extremely efficient but not robust enough for high mileage car or off road use. Ret $598.   Special - $260.00 ea.    

Radiators - assy's & cores

This is the triple pass radiator we used for the a-w ic. on our Skyline GTSt project car. Set up for dual water pumps . Ex- tremely efficient in getting down near ambient. 
   Core size x x 37mm.
Special price $600.00 inc. Note-can't be used as engine rad. - water speed thru roof !
Water cores. Very compact. Note - the 87mm thick cores require a higher road speed.
Special price $180.00 inc. ea.
Mixture of  standard & dimple wall cores.



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