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Andrew Slater

Mazda RX3 - 13 BT




MaxFix in Slacks creek have fitted a very, very healthy 13B into a Mazda RX2 & in conjunction with the owner, gave us a plan to work to.

Unfortunately, we were all a little too enthusiastic & the unit was a little tall.

We fabricated a shorter oil cooler, but made it wider so it would still dissipate the oil temperature needed, as can be seen in the second pic.


Note the air deflector channels on the inlet/outlet pipes. These really distribute the intake charge nearly evenly through the core, making a big difference to the efficiency rate of the core. The size, shape & angles are very important, & that's all I'm saying!!



I know I'm harping, but we do try real hard with every job & are really proud of our workmanship.



For it's size, this is the most efficient intercooler we've made, flows gang busters & more importantly, across most of the core.



Note the triangulation of both the intercooler & radiator tanks, helps flow heaps.


Hang on Andrew



Unfortunately, in the Queensland summer heat, our modular unit pulled enough heat out of the intercooler, but not enough out of the Radiator for Andrews liking. This was when he was stuck in traffic or working out at Queensland Raceway. As you can see the radiator is absolute max & there was not enough room for a larger fan, so the only answer was an auxiliary radiator. 



We used the heater pipes to rout the water through the radiator, so there is no need for an extra pump. This knocked an average 7 deg. c out of the engine water temperature. The reason for using the heater pipes is that the pump sucks water from the engine outlet, which is the hottest water, cools it before entering the engine again. It is far easier too cool 96 deg. water than 74deg. water - if this radiator pulled water from the radiator.


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