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Alternate Radiator assemblies

Not everybody can afford or need one of our custom radiator assemblies - they are hand made, one at a time. These radiators are a very viable alternative, BUT, if you need a thinner radiator or dual pass (special shape, custom polish etc.), to do your job properly, you will be better off spending the extra money up front. As usual - it's 'horses for courses', & with us, 'you get what you pay for', however, we cannot match this value with our own product - that's why we stock these.


CA18 det. - Silvia & 180sx.  auto & manual  
             50% more cooling   -   just  $298.00
+ fitting kit if needed.
These complete new assemblies have a 26mm thick alloy core between the plastic tanks, providing just over 50% more cooling than the 16mm thick oe Nissan assembly. That is a whole bunch of extra heat dissipation available to keep your cool ! In fact, for drifting, I believe the only better cooling we can offer is one of our new single row 41mm custom assemblies, which are $1090.00, BUT, do also offer the added strength of a full alloy TIG welded assy., as well as the extra cooling.  Our past offerings were a custom two row 32mm assy.( which is actually only the equivalent of a 27mm. single tube, but with less air flow), or the 56mm. two row (actual equiv. to 51mm. single row), which is much more difficult to get the ambient air through & so we have to open up the fin pitch which does lower the theoretical cooling rate.  SO,  we can give you approx. 45% better cooling than these upgrades, but they are 250% more expensive.
Fitting Kit - Two fabricated rubber lined alloy saddle brackets to retain the top tank - $50.00. These top pins do not line up the original brackets, so you will need to either buy these, or make your own.
- Two alloy strips welded down either side of the core with 6mm threaded holes to retain fan shroud - $28.00.  Not needed if you're going to run an electric fan.

Rear of the CA18 upgrade. This is only 6% less cooling than an R32 GTR radiator .   
 This is where the 50% more cooling is.    
Radiator with shroud fitted, ready to drop in.
Looking at the rear right hand side.
Don't worry about the engine conversion, this is how it will fit into your car
Drops into oe. bottom mount holes & hoses fit straight up.  
    These are the saddles we fabricate to locate the top of the radiator. They are rubber insulated $ 50.00..
       This is the shroud mount strip with threaded 6mm holes we weld to the side bands. $28.

SR20 det. - Silvia & 180sx. -  manual  
             50% more cooling   -   just  $318.00



SR20 det. - Silvia & 180sx.  automatic
             50% more cooling   -   just  $388.00  




Holden -
HQ - HZ,  Torana LH - LX.     Engines -  Holden or Chev.   Core - 362 x 627 x 56mm.
All Australian made !

These pipes suit a Chev.
The brackets suit an oe  fan shroud. 
End plate matches tank extrusion pattern.
   Part no.    Overall Size    Core Size    Notes    Price * incl. gst
   Hol954c/m    480 x 720 x 70mm    367 x 613 x 56mm      $788.00

Race & Street Radiators - Complete bare radiator  - no mounts.
                                      --  Engines - Ford or Chev. - or whatever you can adapt to !
No, they're not made in Australia.


These pipes suit a Cleveland V8 or 6 cyl. Ford. XA-XB has 555mm wide core.
It's a big market in America for these - like 15,000 + units  / year

Nothing goes out of our shop like this. As inlet, not really performance impeeding for street use.

As oulet, this could hurt high volume flow, can  be ground out before fitting too cool a mega hp engine. 
   Billet filler neck comes standard. Bullet proof - not like stamped ones on some.
   Part no.    Overall Size    Core Size    Notes    Price * incl. gst.
   Race 01cm & 05cm    610 x 490 x 77mm    475 x 448 x 56mm    Chev 01, Ford 05    $620.00
   Race 02cm & 06cm    660 x 490 x 77mm    532 x 448 x 56mm         "    02      "   06    $636.00
   Race 03cm & 07cm      710 x 490 x 77mm    575 x 448 x 56mm         "     03     "   07    $652.00
   Race 04cm & 08cm    790 x 490 x 77mm    655 x 448 x 56mm         "     04     "   08    $668.00
   This is how 04-08 looks with a high volume dual fan shroud      We weld bosses onto the tanks to secure the shroud.
The fan/shroud assembly costs- $292.00 or modified to suit & with bosses welded onto the radiator making  for a ready to fit complete  assy. - $366.00 added to the price of the radiator.  Total - $1034.00 complete & incl. gst.  Note this only applies to Race 04 & 08 radiators.

                               -- Commodore - Engines - both Holden or Chev. V8's

                                    $738.00 incl. gst.

This is how it comes if using an engine fan. Ready to drop in. Mounts for a shroud are $
There is some serious cooling here, we don't know they're upper limit yet.  
The fan is offset incase an electric water pump is used. It is also abit more efficient on the cool side of the core.
This is what we make for the side tank top mount.

Top fan mounts are rugged, but with some style.


Bottom fan mount is welded to the side band on both sides. Oval slot is to let ambient air through.

Shane @ Pro Street Perform -ance fitted one of these assy. to a customers 383ci. stroker. It runs between 82-86°c on the road & the hottest they saw on the dyno was 92°c !! This is in Qld. summer too.
Not allot of room with the electric water pump. Electric fans can not be as consistent as engine, but we only fit DC fans & very rarely have a related problem.

Why you have to make a sensible purchasing decision. -
These alloy radiators are good quality & cool much better than a copper brass unit- by 20 to 35% better, but do have a limit to the kw. per kph. they can properly cool. IF your car is above this level, then spend the extra money up front - once. The radiator below, on the left, was built to cool a worked 454 cube WB Holden on gas, that carries heavy work gear at times. We built a 56mm dual pass core with specially shaped tanks for flow & distribution, & 'S' contoured bottom inlet too clear his power steer box. The fin pitch (fpi) was opened up to allow better ambient air flow at slower road speed. It has a minimum 20% more cooling over the alloy Race radiator.
If you have a tough street car & one of these Race radiators will cool it, I really can not justify the extra $300-$500 one of our custom units will cost - but we will take your money !





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