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          Evolution - an introduction...


Our newest tank on the left, a typical oppositions tank on the right. These are 2.5" pipes.

Note the venturie effect of our tank with a totally smooth transition into the pipe. Almost eliminates turbulence & eddying !

Easy to see both the increase -ed area & radius of our tank. The charge air starts turning much sooner, in & especially out.

That sharp edge of the other tanks really hurts flow and increases pressure drop.

Not often can we offer a superior product at a cheaper price - but here it is.                                                    

When we first introduced our Chilli tanks in 1999, they were a revolution, & as of 2003, is still nothing like them on the market. There were over 100 hours development in the first tank & I have spent hundreds of hours since, to the point that the programme has now been shelved until a new development comes too light, & I imagine it will have to be radical! We have reached the stage where we can not improve on them any more, from these tanks that we are making available now. 

Up to now, I have not uploaded any pictures of the inside of our tanks, to try to protect our research, but the problem is that a potential customer didn't get the chance to make an educated choice -  and that's what this site is all about ! The tanks are so refined now, that the internal angles vary between each size (& it does make a difference), so good luck to anyone who thinks they can get close to our performances, let alone improve on them !!! That's why we've now made the large investment in the patterns & moulds.
I got the idea from the intake ports of some of the high compression turbo engines of the early nineties (& current LS1 Chev.) & from some of the varied air flow testing I've done over the years.  What the hell am I rambling on about ?  The raised triangulated roof of our tanks of course.  This single feature does many things to enhance the performance of our intercoolers.

Firstly, it allows the intake charge to turn up the long tank radius early with less turbulence & eddying, resulting in less pressure drop.
Second it pulls (directs) the charge air around the corner & up the tank causing some pressure drop (not often can you get something for nothing) !
Thirdly, the pressure drop is very small & far outweighed by the advantage of more even distribution across the core face (window), especially when the inlet/outlet are in line - both top or bottom, &/or the taller the core. Yes, the pressure is equal throughout the core, but this is does not mean the airspeed through each tube is the same ! 
Fourthly, in the outlet tank, the small pressure drop it causes in number two, is far outweighed by the huge gain in flow into the outlet pipe. This is a real venturie effect, enhanced by the early radius on the long tank side, with no losses at all. A win win.  Check these pictures & it's so obvious.



   Our new Type  -E28 Hot Chilli. The price is not misprint - this is the best value !      Looks the same, but it's all in the tanks .         Everyone knows the size of a Coke can.

                 PLEASE NOTE:  Intercoolers are only available with 63mm (2.5") or 51mm (2.0")pipes.                 
The same for our 270mm high range intercoolers.
ALL pipes come straight out of the tank - in line with tubes -. 

            Our part  number

Core Dimensions (L x W x D)                            see notes # 1

Overall Dimensions          (L x W x D)   

see notes # 2

Rated Kilowatts @ optimal conditions !!      See notes - # 3 Price*



 Tube/Fin core construction
(Intercoolers listed below, X2 to X60) 

(Numbers 2 to 19 are 55mm thick)

Type-E2 440 x 270 x 55 644 x 272 x 73 184 kw late 03
Type-E3 440 x 300 x 55 656 x 302 x 72 230 kw sooner
Type-E5 520 x 270 x 55 724 x 272 x 73 230 kw late 03
Type-E6 520 x 300 x 55 736 x 302 x 72   268 kw sooner
Type-E8 610 x 270 x 55 814 x 272 x 72 263 kw late03
Type-E9 610 x 300 x 55 826 x 302 x 73 305 kw sooner

(Numbers 20 to 39 are 73mm thick)

Type-E20 440 x 270 x 73mm 656 x 272 x 90mm 267 kw $838.00
Type-E21 440 x 300 x 73 668 x 302 x 89 290 kw $848.00
Type-E23 460 x 300 x 73 688 x 302 x 89 305 kw $848.00
Type-E24 520 x 270 x 73 736 x 272 x 90 326 kw $868.00
Type-E25 520 x 300 x 73 748 x 302 x 89 357 kw $878.00
Type-E27 610 x 270 x 73 826 x 272 x 90 362 kw $898.00
Type-E28 610 x 300 x 73 838 x 302 x 89 400 kw $898.00

 (Above intercoolers are Tube/ Fin core construction)




Bar/ Plate core construction
 (Intercoolers listed from 60 to 80)  See notes # 4

Type-E60 460 x 265 x 75mm 664 x 266 x 76mm 286 kw soon
Type-E61 460 x 300 x 75 676 x 299 x 76 326 kw soon
Type-E62 520 x 265 x 75 724 x 266 x 76 336 kw soon
Type-E63 520 x 300 x 75 736 x 299 x 76 382 kw soon
Type-E64 600 x 265 x 75 804 x 266 x 76 367 kw soon
Type-E65 600 x 300 x 75 816 x 299 x 76 423 kw soon
Type-E66 460 x 265 x 90 676 x 266 x 92 337 kw $1058.00
Type-E67 460 x 300 x 90 688 x 299 x 92 388 kw $998.00
Type-E68 520 x 265 x 90 736 x 266 x 92 398 kw $1058.00
Type-E69 520 x 300 x 90 748 x 299 x 92 449 kw $1088.00
Type-E70 610 x 265 x 90 826 x 266 x 92 444 kw $1258.00
Type-E71 610 x 300 x 90 838 x 299 x 92 510 kw $1198.00

 Intercoolers listed above from number 60 are Bar/Plate construction 


Polished tanks is an extra $128.00 

* all prices correct as at 01/05/2003 in Aus$, but are subject to change without notice.  While every effort is made to keep prices current, please confirm price with ARE before placing an order. 


NOTES - # 1 L -  is the core length between header plates (the length of the  charge air travel).   W -  is the width across the core face, which when multiplied by L gives the surface area too be cooled by the ambient air.  T -  is the Thickness the ambient air travels through the core, and has the least effect on cooling.


                  - # 2 These measurements are the overall outside size the intercooler needs to fit. They include an average length for the pipes out of each tank, but not any mounting brackets.


              - # 3 The optimal kilowatt figure is to be used as a guide only !  As an example - Rob Vickerys intercooler core is only rated @ 850 hp but is making 1072 hp at the  wheels & so over 1300 flywheel ! - Mick McGreggors i/c.  core is only rated @ 200 kw. but is making 300kw. !  - Darren Watters i/c. is only rated @ 135 kw. & is making 215kw. !   BUT  ALL these engines will produce more power with the proper size core.

  Check out our intercoolers must read article for more information regarding sizing an intercooler for you combination. The most important factor after power output, is where your turbocharger will operate in it's efficiency range, and one of the least important, money - if you can't afford to get it right, save it until you can - your engine will thank you for the rest of it's life !


                 - # 4 Garrett & Spearco bar/plate cores are more efficient at cooling per cu. cm. than our own, but also suffer more pressure drop & Garrett can have leaks from new. In all cases they are dearer to buy (prices listed here are for our range), & in most cases we have too charge extra too straighten the Garrett charge air fins before welding tanks on,  but they do have there advantages. 


      Please note:-
We have undergone a huge change in our product lineup.  Hot Chilli intercoolers now have cast tanks, based on the old Hot Chilli sheet metal design.  Sheet metal fabricated tanks are still available with the above cores, but please contact us for pricing as they are dearer.        




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please contact ARE by phone, fax or email to confirm prices before order