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Air Flow Meter Testing



We have recently spent considerable time testing air flow (actually speed) through a variety of cores, both radiator, intercooler& oil cooler. The results were similar to what I expected from experience, although some of the differences were much larger than I imagined. This is not Rocket Science stuff & the instrument is not dear (in fact for it's price the repeatability of results is amazing, + or - 0.00%) but I'm not giving out the tables of results gained (even though some shop owners may not know what to do with them), the idea is for my shop to be able to supply the best product for YOUR application & to let you know that we take a scientific & methodical approach to achieve this goal, - Not dazzle you with unsubstantiated verbal diarrhoea. Yeh, plain old bullshit.

Our main aim was the core thickness / fpi. ratio to air speed at the back of the core. Each core was tested with 12" , 14" ' & 16" Davies Craig fans supplying the air  & driven off an idling engine to supply a constant identical voltage for each test. The area of actual maximum flow off the fan blades was also surprising, being in more than I thought.

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