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EL GT Falcon - V8 supercharged air-water




Part of our brief from Terry was that he wanted it as original appearing as possible. We could only give the engine cover a minor trim. This limited the size of the ic. unit & so the amount of charge air cooling that we could give. Computer modeling came up with a 21kw. heat reduction which means that inlet temps under full power would drop from mid 90'sc down too mid 50'sc, best case scenario. This job was given too us through Mercury Motorsport, who were doing the work on the car, & when they advised Terry he gave us the go ahead, even though we advised a front mount would give an extra 20c cooling at speed, be cheaper by a noticeable amount, but need major pipework & cutting of the front bar. He doesn't want the car cut up, & is also going to replace our blue silicon hoses with black hose.

It actually pulled out 22 kw of heat, allowing Ron to crank in a little more timing & lean the mixture a little, giving a gain of 38rwhp with the added bonus of a safer tune. Terry is very happy with the results. It holds the temps to mid 40'sc for over 15 seconds & the the temp. starts rising slowly up to a highest of 57c on an extended power run.

Everything is so tight a fit, we have not made any jigs as it has to be made to the car. If we made the unit smaller so it could be home fitted, the performance gain really would not be worth the money.



This is the room we finished up having available after we milled the  adapter block down as much as we could (had to weld) & still leave it in place. It really needed to shorten the intake pipe & remove the EGR ? valve block completely so we could've made a bigger ic, but that was chopping too much, & would,ve had to be removed to add oil. We came up with good enough result to meet the customers aims anyway.




This is how much we machined the EGR block down. We had to make this retaining strap up as the silicon joiner is minimum length.




The radiator could be mistaken for the air conditioning condenser, certainly not the case with a front mount intercooler. This radiator is 32mm thick whereas a front mount intercooler would have to be 91mm thick & much more in your face.



The radiator & our timed delay two speed pump controller have a plastic cover that keeps them all out of sight.




This is the radiator outlet & back of the pump mount.



The dyno graph shows that before we fitted the air-water intercooler, the engine made 251.6rwkw (337hp) & afterwards, 279.8rwkw (375hp). This is a gain of 28.2rwkw (37.8 rwhp) or 11.3% increase.
This is the smallest power gain any of our units has made, BUT, to put this into perspective, we had little room to work with & it is a total minimal size for the job asked of it. Ron spent hours fine tuning for the 251kw, whereas the 280kw was a completely safe, North Queensland summer tune, & believe me, there is a power loss (but a customer gain) in this.
The intercooler removed 22kw of heat out of the 860 cfm of 100c charge air for a 28 kw gain in power - check the size of the intercooler again & you'll see why I'm happy with it.


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