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4x4 Plennums


  Nissan 4.2 Front Entry  Nissan 4.2 Side Entry         Toyota Diesel     oe  HiLux - a shocker '09         Big Horsepower !!

This part is definitely for a small (even tiny) minority of '4x4ers'
This line was written in 2008. With the number of 4x4's now being boosted
more than 6 psi. over factory, forget the word 'tiny' & just leave it at minority.

BUT, everybody should have a look at the bottom section !


If your vehicle runs near the manufacturers standard boost & you can fit the intercooler you want properly, then a plennum will be a waste of most of it's cost. If you are upping the boost levels by approx. 30% or more (some of us are very greedy!), then I would read on & give it some thought.
Even though we were modifying Diesel manifolds 6 years ago, I would not have been game to put this page on our site. I've always said that a diesel engine is the same as a petrol engine, "modify it properly & you will increase Torque & Horsepower & decrease fuel consumption", in fact, it was easier, as the diesels were mostly still based on the truck design that was used to deliver material to Noah for his ark (maybe not quite that early), & so not suited to our power delivery needs of a people mover.
Now, with a few LeMans wins & being hobbled too slow them down, & the power & revs from the modern auto diesel ( & I must say, Europe has caught the Japanese napping) is changing everyone's thoughts & perception of a diesel engine. Allot of these giant gains have come from 'the good ol hot rod boys' principles from the '50s - more air, more compression, more fuel, more revs, less weight - hang on tight ! The only one that's missing is more spark ! They are all just a pump.
A diesel plennum has one big difference to a petrol version that we are used to dealing with, It needs a smaller internal volume. Minimum turbulence & eddying (important),  the correct volume of air for the next stroke, as even distribution to each port as possible. Now, this last one is not as important as on a petrol engine. A diesel has the ability too run noticeably leaner than a petrol without damage ! BUT there is a limit, & it's expensive ! With a highly tuned petrol engine, a cylinder that is not receiving the same amount of air, will loose ring tension, melt the piston, eat the head gasket, burn the exhaust valve, usually in that order. Because a diesel engine is designed for a high compression, it is so much more over engineered & robust & doesn't have ignition to fire the fuel mixture regardless, they are much more tolerant to uneven port flow. BUT, all the components in that cylinder will wear out faster ! We are talking valve guides & springs, valves & valve seats, headgasket around that cylinder, rings- especially top compression, & the top of the cylinder wall.
No scare mongering for a sale here. As I said at the start, up too approx. 30% boost increase, you don't have to think about the above. Depending on the engine design & construction, the more you lean on it from this, the closer you need too look at the intake.

                                                                                              NISSAN TD42T Front Inlet
This is a 'kit' we did for On-Off Roads own Truck Fair bit if work in this, trickier than it looks        


                       NISSAN TD42T Side Inlet Suits ARE Upgrade intercooler &/or scoop- $998.00 inc. gst. plus exchange.
We have bought a manifold so we can do an exchange, you're vehicle need only be off the road for a day.

Volume difference with ours. We vary height profile/volume to suit the tune (boost). This was covered with a flat plate from Nissan. We have a well over 100% gain in volume here We have to weld on a solid base or they will come off shaped like a banana ! This work is absolutely necessary to achieve our performance gains There is allot of 'pad' welding done to allow the generous internal radius grinding needed Also needed on the long turn radius to reduce turbulence. It all takes time to do properly !
Tacked onto the manifold for a clearance check For a diesel this is a large gain in internal volume but more importantly right where- - the volume is needed, in the centre for more even distribut -ion across the cylinders. Plate for the factory earth wires Mount for front wiring loom. It doesn't look much larger from this view.


                                                                                              TOYOTA 1KZ  HILUX 3.0 LITRE
This is near the most even flow. Absolutely shocking ! Not accurate but if you take your time, it looked close to what the flow bench told us. Moving the hose to any position could not get any more water out of no.2 runner & no.1 wasn't much better. After major modifications, this is how we finished up. 74% spread from the factory & 22% spread
when we finished. Not perfect but plenty good for my truck.
This is how much of the oe manifold that we used. No. 3 runner was the leanest, so we had to cut away to it The first half of the new radius material is actually pointing at no.3 runner & this really evened up the as it also helped no.1 too
This is the biggest radius we could use, or we wouldn't be able to get the oil filter off, it just screws on Even with repositioning the whole plate the best we could, no.3 runner is still favoured. There are many hours of work here & at $88/hr., it becomes an expensive exercise. The results are there, but if it's worthwhile depends on the customer.    
                                                                                              TOYOTA 1H  LANDCRUISER 4.2 LITRE


                                                                                            Heath Lawsons 100+ psi Compound Turbo Duramax V8
Mock up to see how everything will fit Each venturie is hand form -ed from 5 pieces  of alloy This is the bell shape, not perfect, but lows real well for the space we had. The substantial bridge required to stop 120psi blowing it up like a football ! Grooved to give a very strong weld onto the plennum walls. Tacked in place to check alignment. Note neat fit in curves for little distortion
Finished ready for the water/air intercoolers. Strengthening bridges in place Plated to reinforce centre of rolled long radius sheet.  There is a reason for spacing of bridges ? The two substantial plates, once again it's all for strength Trial fit up in truck.


                                                                                         Steve Mains 40+ psi Compound Turbo TD42 Street Setup
To come          

EGR Systems & their consequences.



Currently A.R.E. is spending considerable R&D time on developing
our own range of 4 x 4 cooling parts.
Check back for updates.



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