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Distributed Intercoolers


Not every one can afford, or need, one of our intercoolers.  To fill the gap, we sell two different ranges of Import (Chinese) intercoolers & cores. The quality is quiet reasonable, the performance is very reasonable, the value is exceptionally reasonable , BUT,  you must realize their performance is limited !! We have the knowledge to size them properly, so consider buying off a company that knows. Basically, they are great for an engine that has a turbo that operates in the bottom to mid range of it's efficiency, in other words they can flow air better than they can cool it !! We stock two different importers product, & they are from different Chinese factories( there are 5 different factories in China that have contacted us- so they are not all the same, or equal, as allot of people would lead you to believe. Check the pics. below


Xtric - left.  Adrad-right Wider tube pitch-less charge air cooling-more air to radiator.
Xtric - left.  Adrad on right. Xtric has a little better entry/ exit tanks.  Note same no of tubes in both
Ambient fins of Xtric. Course pitch - less cooling but more air through to radiator.
Adrad. Larger header plate bars for bond strength & welding, and more cooling in these 1/2 stepped fins.
Taken through inlet pipe. Xtric fins have much  more (too much) contact area & holes in fin. 
Taken through inlet  pipe. Adrad fins are more rounded, but do they have enough contact area - maybe just?

 Bar - Plate assemblies.

Very neat fins. Tall, close pitch
  Part No.   Height   Width   Thickness    Pipe Sizes    Price * incl. gst.
   CACBP008C    600mm    300mm     75mm 2.5" I & 2.5" O    $440.00
  CACBP009C    520mm    300mm     75mm 2.5" I & 2.5" O    $398.0

XTRIC Bar - Plate



Complete Kits

This kit is for a Skyline GTSt


Box has silicon hose connectors, clamps instruct

   Skyline R32GTSt      $1328.00
   Skyline R33/34*GTSt      $1328.00
   Silvia S13 & 180SX  Ca18      $1328.00
   Silvia S14 & 15   SR20      $1398.00
   Supra  2JZ  -jza80      $1398.00
   VL Commodore      $2198.00



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