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Various FERRARI Fabrications 





December 03

Trevor Bassett asked us to make a radiator for his Ferrari '79 400 V12  Historic Race car.

A very wide radiator & with the inlet in the middle of the top tank & the outlet off set to the right, we had to fabricate an internal baffle in the top pipe to direct approx. 70 % of the water to the left side for even distribution across the core.


Detail in our filler neck extension



Sitting in it's rightfull place, doing the job we meant for it.



Could you dare call this old school !  It sure sounds nice & you don't even have too mention looks.


John Cant Ferrari  Workshop sent us this oil cooler. The oe. plate & fin is very efficient but also very weak, if they crack in the joins. We fabricated a replacement oil cooler with the very first of our new tube cores. We tapered the tanks for a little better distribution across the core & also a little less pressure drop. Nothing dramatic, but worthwhile for the small cost involved. It took us approx. an extra 20 mins., so I believe that's worthwhile for any automotive job.


This is the finished product, ready to straighten a couple of fins & send out. Pressure tested to 120 psi.





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