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Nissan Navara Top Mount  Intercoolers.

    Lh intercooler is good, RH has been leaking - black oil stain down RH tank Close up of the core leaking where the tubes go through the header plate. Other side just starting. 95% of leaks are where the tubes go through the header plate, not the o-ring seal.


Navara D22 YD25 Replacement Intercoolers
Our oe replacement - Much stronger with a small performance/economy gain.

YD25 Nissan 2.5L Navara

  $658.00   6% more efficient  500% (that is 5 times) stronger. Our Australian made replacement recore. Exchange only. Welded Tanks
Our Australian made replace- ment core on top of the Nissan oe. core Easy to see the difference in the tubes between the two. Macro of the tube wall thickness & construction. No comparison really. Tanks cleaned, prepared & TIG welded onto a new core. Ready to fit. Two assemblies we bought so we can offer an exchange service.  RH one has been leaking.

Navara D22 YD25 Upgrade Intercoolers
Our oe Upgrade - Much stronger with a noticeable performance/economy gain.

YD25 Nissan 2.5L Navara



 42% more efficient

  11% more efficient

 450% stronger. Our Australian made performance recore. Exchange only. Welded Tanks

 A plate with a much larger opening that seals all the air flow, forcing it through the core for maximum efficiency.

Bottom of our upgrade
Top of our upgrade
Front bottom of our upgrade
oe. sealing plate for the rubber boot under the scoop A trial plate to suit our upgrade intercooler.
Oe. intercooler pulled
apart. Common internal condition.
Internal air flow patterns.
Faster air speed means less build up on tank wall.
Where tank is shallow, high straighter air speed is evidenced - L H end. The work performed on the inside of the Inlet tank - very important Only work needed on the Outlet tank - pretty good shape. Radius reduces turbulence & eddying of charge air.

Note in the pictures above (3 0n left) how inefficient the large inlet tank is, evidenced by the heavy build up on the roof & walls of the cavernous wrong shaped chamber where the charge air slows right down & tumbles in circular eddies, causing extra pressure drop & lag. Little things like this make a noticeable difference to efficiency, & so performance, drivability & economy. The difference depends on a number of factors & so is varied & specific to each application, but is always present.

Macro of the effort we put into the inlet tank Another view of our inlet tank work. Inlet tank shape is much ,much more important than the outlet tank ! You can see here how much earlier the charge air starts to turn entering the tank which helps even the distribution across the face of the core. Internal of oe tanks. Very sharp edges really hurt flow. Internal of ARE tanks before the 'ramp is added to the inlet tank.
Ramp added. Smoothes turbulence & straightens
the air flow forcing more air to enter the centre tubes.
  ARE top plate beside an oe plate ARE plate on top of the oe
plate showing the bigger opening
ARE plate on upgrade core.



Following are a few of the data log results during our development programme for the TD42 Patrol. We also did the same programme for both the 3.0L ZD30 Patrols & got similar results,. ( Click me  to go to our Patrol Web Page). We have not done as involved programme (the Patrols cost us over $20.000 !! ) for the Navara as the intercoolers are from the same manufacturers, similar & from over 40 years spent on both flow benches & dynos ( both engine & Chassis), I have a good idea of what needs doing. I did spend time on the flow bench with the intercooler inlet tank as the pipe position was different & not good for performance. The outlet tank is a very good design & only needs work on the outlet radius.

Some Results of our Patrol 4.2 Litre Intercooler & Scoop development.

Ambient air speed through core only.
As Nissan oe. except for turbo upgrade
Air speed thru core, temps. out of turbo
& into engine. Sealed 4 corner gaps in
rubber - with tape.
Still oe intercooler, but fitted ARE scoop
Air speed, charge air temps
Next day, same set up, reran with
the two boost sensors connected, but
no air speed thru core.
ARE intercooler & scoop combination.
Air speed, temps & pressure drop.
34% EFFICIENT @ 60kph 35.8% EFFICIENT @ 60kph - 5% more efficient 44.7% EFFICIENT @ 60 kph - 75% more efficient 45.6% EFFICIENT @ 60 kph- 76% more 65.1%  EFFICIENT@ 60kph Actual gain of 91.5% in cooling efficiency.
Being designed for race cars, our
logger measures air speed in
meters / second, not kph. As a reference an alloy crossover pipe
no intercooler is 1.1% efficient.
Air takes the least path of resistance & it loves escaping through the four
corner gaps in the oe seal. All we did was run some masking tape around
each corner to seal them.
Nothing is easy. A 270% larger opening gave the  oe. ic.59.3% more air & it reduced the charge air temperature by only  %. This is why accurate testing is needed, some times "looks like it will work" is not good enough & can actually be worse ! Cooler temperatures, no traffic, driving the truck harder made 0.9% increase in efficiency. This is a minimum gain as a
customer who was getting an air/
water ic. fitted, graciously let me use
his truck for this logging & so I had to rush & we ran out of time.
Jobs not done properly are listed in a
picture in the table below.


We do not sell front mount intercooler KITS, because the performance of our upgrade intercoolers when fitted with our scoop ( under development), is very close to an average front mount (& better than some), without the hassle of routing the pipe work & then the chance of it rubbing, the extra throttle lag they cause, but  importantly, drops the engine water temperature a little,  the average front mount increases the engine water temperature approximately 5 to 7c ! This is very important to consider. An air/water system also raises the engine water temperature, but not as much, but if built properly, is at least 5 times the price.



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