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First of our range of minimum compromise plennums.

With the Chinese Industrial giants tipping the performance market on it's head within the last 12 months, long term ramifications are a major concern to me & I'm sure any thinker. Sure, parts & intercoolers in particular are dirt cheap now & unfortunately for us, some work quite well - but, some are a waste of money more info, so what's bad with real cheap parts. Not that much right now, but the Chinese only copy & obviously don't have much knowledge of  what they're making, so development will slow right down as the innovators move either to high end products or get out of performance products for more profitable fields, leaving the performance product for the average enthusiast to stagnate - but it will be CHEAP !

What the hell has this rambling got to do with plennums ?  ARE were about to release the first of a line of plennums, that were aimed at a low-medium price bracket with above average performance (& reasonably easy to be 'flopped' - copied - by the Chinese),  but we have changed them to be in the medium-dearer price bracket, tailored for two different levels of engine modifications & in line with our business philosophy anyway, which is to be at the forefront of technology innovation for solid genuine power gains. Because of this, we have two different plennums for each application. You can not have one plennum that is right for all levels of engine modifications, & even at two, they are not perfect for every engine. Please think about that & don't go & buy another companies product because they say that it suits every engine.

Below are the first pics. of our prototype Mitsubishi 4G63T plennum to suit the Evo. or earlier VR4 Galant head only.

  These are the first part of our new plennums. 16mm cnc machined billet- no warp-ing or gasket weeps here.   Close up of  quality of machining & our small logo. We believe it's performance will grab your attention, not a monster logo.   Looking side on. Plennum roof will have less 'pitch' than this. Dropping it a little made no difference to performance. Street model has even less 'pitch'again   Close up of runners. We were trying a couple of things here. These are straight tapers but production will be a varying taper & radius in every angle.
  Yes it's unusual, but it is all reasons learnt through thirty years of experience, both personal & studying others prod- ucts & their results   Once again, different, but all purposeful. We have found flow drops in converging a round bell in-out to a rectangular port, same as all serious top level race engines   Raised right off the floor. Angle & size different between mid & top end models.  

The differences between our Street and our Race plennums are in Runners- length, taper & angles in that order too by the way,  Plennum chamber - size (volume) & angles & Flange plate - smaller hole.  All smaller too differing degrees to the Race plennum shown in the pictures above.
Applications - Street -  Approximately 4000 to 8000 rpm - 15 to 30 psi. are the requirements for best gains.
                     - Race - Approximately 6000 to - - - - rpm - 25 to 50+ psi.  
Price -
We are hopeful of bringing both models in at  $1298.00 Australian.

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