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Competition | Hot Rod | Street Machine


Advanced Performance Centre -(APC) - 
Nicks Evo Lancer
- 812awhp !
MazFix - Archie Kajewski
Tony Wedlock Pontiac Trans Am ProStock
Roger Hicks - Twin Turbo built Toyota Ski Race boat
R Barak's Lancer Evo.

Ian Paltridge & Heath Lawson - GU Patrols

Troy Taylor Super Gas Rod
Leigh Russells world record holding 800cc Suzuki.

164kph N/A & 222kph turboed.

John Whittaker - Brisbane Turbo & Tuning-

Datsun 260Z  RB26DETT

Nathan Semmens Honda CRX.
One hot car!!!

As of '02 Jamboree, Aust. fastest front wheel drive car.


Honda S2000. Wayne Park prepared for Bathurst 24 hour.

Hot Rods...

Dennis Allen - 34 Ford blown small block
36 Ford  Blown Small Block 
fe0011bt.JPG (11052 bytes)  

Peter Mezaros' Blown Stroked 351 Cleveland

Street . 

  Assorted (mostly dirt ?? ) Bikes 


Simon Leese - Harley pan head


Rob Brennan - BMW _ M5


Rocky and Jenny Pugh's 1956 Chevrolet Belair Hardtop
Murray Jacket's Chev
Nigel Williams   Corvette
Bill Dixon's '62 Corvette
Ron Johnstone's 1990 Corvette Coupe
Glen Dales '71 Vette with 502 crate motivation


cc001dt.JPG (11073 bytes) Mick McGregor's Dat. 1600
PerFOURmance motorsport

Dattie 1600, SR20det, auto, air & power steer

Ray Curtis - Datsun 1600sss
Quenton Nudd- Datsun 1200 ute
Stephen Moore's Datsun 1600
Barry Fairbrother - Silvia S13 RB25det
Darren Watter
Heath Lawson - GU Patrol




EL Falcon GT V8 supercharged
Hilliers Arrow Falcon 2 door
Trevor Hyde - 302 Mustang
Mark Evans - XP Falcon
KE Laser TX3
2.2L Telstar TX5


Craig Munro's 'TRYHRD'
Redcliffe Dyno's  LJ Torana
David Dodds 192 FC Holden
VL Commodore Turbo
R005at.JPG (12499 bytes)  

A good ol' 6 cyl. Aussie beast.   
A Holden LJ Torana - on nitrous !

Shawn Cash's LC GTR Torana 6 cyl.



The U.S. companies wouldn't believe that we haven't done  any Street Honda's !

Kit car

Automotive Poetry
Yes, I'm jealous

Rob Warrens GT40


Andrew Slater

Matt Kirkwoods RX3

A  R100 13 bt
Danny Irvine 626 13bt


David Millers GSR Lancer


Assorted Porsche cars.



Muhhumads '02 WRX


2 door STI from APC


Our new twin turbo Soarer kit
John Stenner's - Supra 
Four x Four (- not AWD)

Heath laawson - GU Patrol 4.2L

Jason Evans - Landcruiser 100 series
Craig Bond - Landcruiser 80 series
Bob A's Landcruiser GM V8 TD
fe009at.JPG (11751 bytes)  

Chris Wick's - Holden V8 Landcruiser


Atlas Engineering - Forest Mulcher

fe0010at.JPG (11780 bytes)  

Stuart Ing's - Suzuki GTi Garret GT25
 turbo powered Mini.


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