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The Cartwright bros. are repairing a Ford Probe V6 they bought at Auction & ran into a radiator problem. The drivers side tank was damaged & no replacement plastic tanks were available in Australia. A complete assy. is outrageously priced, so we fabricated this replacement in aluminium, cut the header plate to suit, cleaned the core & welded the tank on. Not a cheap job, but much under replacement cost.


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  Mick  McGreggor   Datsun 1600 SR20det

  Nervous stuff, putting the saw through a brand new turbo.  Mick became too used to the power of his 12.4 sec. ride, so he has up the ante with a Garret GT 30bb & associated piping.

  There just isn't room to  connect a pipe with a good radius onto the turbo, so we cut the end of the housing off & then welded up a cast 90 deg. bend to match the shape & contour of the port.  Notice the corresponding "D" shape of the floor of the pipe to the turbo housing.  We also had to make a few templates to make sure we maintained the same expanding taper in the elbow, which also gave us a better inner radius ratio.  It is important there is no mismatch so close to the turbine wheel.  At least after this the charge has a straight shot at the intercooler.  

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Virginia Golf Club  John Deer

  We work on almost anything, & this is the slowest so far (maybe a tie with the pedal car?).  The filler kneck had corroded away (they're only thin stamped alloy oe), so we welded on one of our billet knecks.  Definitely the best part of the cooling system now!



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Mazbeat of Strathpine had a customer bring in his rotary oil
cooler that had been rubbed through on the bottom pipe



  Weld on bottom is normal TIG. weld. We then changed the
settings on the 'Areowave' & laid the weld down so the repair
was less noticeable when painted.




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Mal Haines Auto Electrical '93 Maxda Astina import

  One of the problems with some (a few) imports is that parts are not always available locally.  A top tank to replace this cracked one could,'t be sourced anywhere by the owner & is not listed in any of our catalogues, Neither is an assy., so the only choice was to fabricated one.  Dearer than a tank if it was available, but at least this tank wont crack.

Fitted straight in.

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  RC Greive Jaguar      Jaguar XJ300


  This car was involved in an accident & the bottom of the tank was punched in.  No parts are available seperately, & a new assembly is very expensive.  We fabricated a new tank to the original oe dimentions (except for the oil cooler), turned up a sender flange & welded it on for approx. 35% of the cost of a new radiator.


  Sender flange & Inlet pipe are duplicate of oe.  Much quicker to just cut the back of the pipe off square, but we were asked to duplicate the plastic tank, & this is a Jag.



  It may be easy to manufacture in plastic, but it takes some time in alloy.  At least I know what will last the longest!




  Jason May brought this broken HKS blow off valve that came in on one of his front cuts. We welded abit of scrap on first to get our settings right & also the correct filler rod.


Welded the flange on to the body & now we have too face it off. We had to keep the diaphragm wrapped in wet rags or it would've melted.    



rm007at.JPG (9909 bytes)



  Unfortunately I didn't take a pic. of this Supra intercooler before we started, but this is how it finished up with both pipes being reworked for an easy fit into a Pulsar ET turbo.  Making for a cheap efficient unit, and easy for the customer to plumb himself.

rm002at.JPG (12459 bytes)rm002bt.JPG (10918 bytes)  

Strathpine Toyota had a customer with a leaking GT4 intercooler.


With the size of the split I bet there was "buggerall" boost in the engine. We have to Hydrogen Braze this type of core as they are oven fused together in the Denso factory with a lower temp bonding agent. If we TIG. weld the seam, usually there is a tiny pin hole leak at the end of the weld because of the higher TIG. welding temperature.

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  Richard Galley dropped in this evo 3 intercooler of his Mit. Gallant rally car damaged in a minor off. We straightened the damaged fins & then TIG. welded the two damaged tubes, giving a 100% sound repair. The 'Areowave' was set to give a high temp surface weld without too much penetration,so that
the fine internal tube fining is not melted. If this happens, they ball up on the end of the fin & have a slight chance of breaking off. If the ball of alloy worked it's way down the tube, next stops in the engine!

  We also had to weld a pipe onto this end of the tank & pull it back into shape. It had been punched in & the bracket torn off. We cut the pipe off, cleaned up the area, straightened the bracket & welded it back on. Pressure tested to 30 psi. & given back to a relieved owner - for a small fee offcourse.








A VW Golf oil cooler-filter adapter unit after it had
one hell of a front ender, punching the filter back into the coole
r body


  We turned up a new mount pad & welded it on. It then had to be machined  flat to fix a small distortion  We tested the unit for oil-water leaks.

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                                  had to have his plenum ends swapped.  He was fitting a 4AEG from a front wheel drive into his KE70 Corolla, which is Rear wheel drive.  This had the throttle body hitting the firewall.   It was easier for us to cut the ends off & throw them as they are not symetrical & so did not match up at all.  Pic. shows the old ends   laying in the runners.


  We machined new ends with identical internal cavities & dimensions & welded them on.




  Finished article. Almost looks factory.

rm006ht.JPG (12504 bytes)


Mick McGregors SR20DET throttle body was pointing the wrong way  & too close to mate to the intercooler pipe properly. We had to cut the front off the plenum on an angle & then machine a thick plate & weld it on

rm006tt.JPG (13576 bytes)

rm006jt.JPG (14212 bytes)

rm006at.JPG (9663 bytes)


This intercooler was damaged when  a screw driver slipped, while they were working on the engine. They thought they would be up for another second hand unit (they had heard about glue repairs on radiators & didn't want that) so were really relieved when I said it was no trouble to repair this properly.



Straight after welding



  If the fins weren't damaged so much, the repair would've been allot better.




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