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Focus on Intercoolers

ft002ct.JPG (9341 bytes) A sample of cores from the perspective that you can't see, but very important to what the intake charge see's! Two cores are tube / fin design - middle right is K&J (the only core manufactured in Australia - please remember that too - bottom right is oe. Nissan. Other four cores ar bar / plate design - top left & bottom middle are Spearco, as i think middle left is, & bottom left is a truck core of unknown origin.

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Difference between oe. nissan on left  and K&J on right, tube / fin cores.          This is the side the ambiant air sees.

ft002et.JPG (12175 bytes) Difference between oe. Nissan on bottom and K&J on top, tube / fin cores.

This is the side the intake charge sees. K&J tube is a one piece extrusion, giving 100% contact of all cooling surface joints, whereas Nissan type is "two piece" with a miriad of contact joints, which gives 100% contact if the furnace fusion process is within all tolerences.

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Intake charge side of the Bar & Plate cores.

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Top sides of core is what the ambiant air sees.

ft002ht.JPG (9997 bytes)   Intake charge side of the Bar & Plate cores. Note the different tube sizes & fin pitch spacing.Note top left core has thicker fin material, wider spaceing  with big flat contact area on sidewall, ideal for air / water applications. Bottom left core is from a truck & so has very big charge channels & course tube pitch, resulting in less pressure drop  but also less heat dissipation.

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  Close up of above

ft002at.JPG (11852 bytes)   Top core is a K&J intercooler with bottom being a K&J oil cooler core. Note the smaller area tubes used in the oil cooler. Also, the  much thicker wall material in the oil cooler for the  higher pressures encounted. Because oil doesn't compress (or very little), pressure spikes also have to be allowed for.

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  These are two of the adapters we make for flow testing flow rates


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  Toyota GT4 intercooler

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  Best interior picture we can get, without cutting it apart.

ft002kt.JPG (10014 bytes) Core on the bottom is Spearco.  Core sitting on top is the new Ballistic Concepts release from Garret.

ft002jt.JPG (11218 bytes) Close up of the above two cores. Very similar, but don't be fooled, they are different & would give a little different results.

ft005at.JPG (9562 bytes) Kenworth core imported by Adrad from the USA.

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  Close up of the above core.  Extruded tube & fin design with very large charge chambers.


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