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                 Ray Curtis - Datsun 1600sss SR20de
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Built for Targa type events.







  This is how it looked after we did the first lot of work for Ray. He was impressed with our quality & thought, so he brought it back for more. Allot more.
Each day that he came in, he had thought of something new he would like done on the car.

As can be seen, the Datrally kit places the engine too high in the engine bay for Rays plans & in hindsight we should've lowered the engine-gearbox at the start. The trumpets & filters hit on the carbon fibre bonnet. The trumpets were also a little short for the intended use of this engine - road rally applications needing a broad torque curve, as it's definitely staying naturally aspirated.



The engine bay is the highlight of our work on this car.  Room for everything was extremely limited by the height of the engine coupled with the use of the twin EFI dual throttle body assemblies on the better flowing S13 'down draught port' head that John from JHH Engines deemed mandatory. Ray told everybody that did work on this car, he wanted the best!



Too duplicate this air box assembly as shown here is $3000. It's all handformed & takes near a weeks hard work, & my week is at least 60 hrs. I love doing this sort of work (when it's finished anyway) but it is so time consuming. During the job, at least 5 hours are spent looking & planning to try & make everything fit AND perform the best possible.



This is the throttle bodies side of the assy. It is fully sealed with 6mm foam tape so no dust can enter the engine. The three recessed tubes along the top are for the retaining bolts.




The four inlet trumpets are curved for the extra tuned length to fit under the bonnet & staggered for the best equal flow possible. The two depressions in the flat base are for mounting bolt heads.



These are the main components in the air box. Not shown are the K&N panel filter, sealing tape & bolts.



Time spent welding in the tubes for the 3 bolts to retain the top of the air box & seal outside air from entering



Top part of the back plate had to be boxed in to seal the top flange of the air box.







Shows the tubes that were welded in to seal the top 3 retaining bolts.




Construction of the air box lid. Working with this alloy dictates that there can't be any gaps before welding or it will pull out of shape like crazy - more so flat panels. Welding itself causes distortion due to the high expansion rate of heated aluminium, but gaps will buckle it much worse. It also needs to be double welded for full strength if the external weld is being linished off.



This is the -08 to -06 "Y" Speed flow fitting we welded an L shaped mount bracket to so it can be securely mounted to the firewall where the fuel line splits to go to the fuel rail


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