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4x4 Air Oil Separators

ARE  'Hex' Air Oil Separator
A very heavy duty unit to suit Diesel engines & their oil
Diesel oils are generally very dirty, stain like hell & more 'magnetic' to borrow a Castrol oil term. This means they need a different air oil separator to a petrol engine. ARE fabricate our 4x4 range with a centre air chamber & less dense 'padding' for maximum oil retention.
cost is $298.00 incl. gst

Crankcase fumes enter through the bottom pipe into the 110mm dia. chamber where they slow to a walk. The secret is the cylinders diameter. It has to be large to slow the fumes right down so the tiny oil particles can drop out. The perforated mesh is positioned so it also acts as a filter. The centre air chamber also acts as a 'barrier' to the oil particles.      






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