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Mild to wild. After 20 years of black replacement radiator recoring , with a few custom radiators a year to relieve the boredom, give us a challenge and we’ll create a shiny (or trick HPC coloured) sculptured masterpiece to both set off your engine bay and keep all those kilowatts cool. All these years I’ve gone to the car shows and race tracks looking at mega hour and dollar cars, bristling with tough looking big power ( or lately high tech ) engines with a wimpy original equipment or adapted radiator sitting up front. Some even have lumpy solder joints, fins missing or paint runs. The trend to colour co-ordinate radiators or cover them with a strip of polished metal has certainly improved the engine bay appearance BUT let us help you make a big engine bay statement, this is a tough engine and needs a special radiator to cool it. We’ll make it look super trick as well - what a bonus!



radblackt.JPG (22970 bytes) Australia now has 98% of new cars with an aluminium core and plastic tank radiator. Wow, that may be great for the guy next door to get around in, but you’ve got a mega amp system inside and matching wheel, gear knob and pedals, big diameter dump pipe on the end of a straight through muffler, big diameter rubber band tyres, not to mention the cold air pod, polish and colour under the bonnet and a black plastic tank radiator!! Surely nobody going further, and fitting upgrade turbos, 3" exhausts, godzilla blow offs with enough power to melt the rubber of those eighteen inches, has still got a plastic tank on that all important radiator. We won’t even mention real mega dollar, purpose built race only machines - now, they couldn’t possibly have a plastic tank sitting on each end of that alloy core!!


What do I hear, nobody makes any great alternatives. Well, you’ve found us. Whether you want a coloured or highly polished (or I guess, even virgin) aluminium tank radiator for any or all of these reasons,- performance,- strength ,- appearance,- reliability, we can set your engine and it’s bay off just fine. We can do top tanks only, top tank and replacement core, top and bottom tank on replacement core or a complete new high capacity assembly. How about matching recovery/overflow tanks with sculptured brackets. We’ll even match an oil/air separator to help that turbo muscle breath only fresh air. God damn, the skys the limit - let us make you want to lift that bonnet at the slightest chance to impress, and when the foots flat, all you’ve gotta eye is the tach., forget the temp gauge.  



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