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Terry's PORSCHE - Road & track.




This is how the car came in to us.  It has a built engine with the best of components,  a Motec 800 ecu.  tuned by APC, over 400rwhp @ 16psi, suspension & brakes set up for track work, Dunlop DZ02G tyres.
Trouble is, the intake temps. are high 50's in the first lap & already in the high 70's in the third lap with the Motec triggered alarm light on causing Terry to have to back off as the computer takes out timing & adds fuel.

This is what we made. It has a 73mm core (same thickness as previously) but 20mm longer & 100mm wider (26.5% more surface area) & a much more open fin pitch to let more ambient air through - a case of going backwards to go forwards. Our hand form-ed inlet tank has a different entry position for two reasons. It gives much more even spread of charge air across the core & has a slimmer profile which even though the core is longer, allowed us to reposition it 70mm more rearward so the whole core is open to the vents.

This is how the three louvers are positioned to catch the air & force it down through the core. Without this it will be more like a heat soak. Terry didn't want his car to look like the batmobile as it's also street driven, so we tried to keep the louvers as discrete as possible.


The inlet tank which had to be hand formed taking around 25 hrs & $1700.00 alone. It is low profile but still distributes the charge air pretty evenly across the core face. It's allot of work, but necessary for maximum results.



This pic. shows the difference in profile of the two tanks. A fair portion of the inlet tank volume is actually under the core & wraps around into it, whereas the outlet tank is wholly in same plain as the core.



We had to length the air intake to line up properly with the scoop opening. We also had to fabricate a new air-oil separator & due to serious room constraints had to be a stressed member of the left hand mount. Other two mounts are shown here.



We more than doubled the size of the previous catch can fitted. I call it a catch can as it was just a rectangular tank with two baffle plates inside - which do four fifths of bugger all. I don't know companies can sell them as anything but a sort of catch tank. They rely up to 90% on the filter to work.



This is the internal view of our air-oil separator. A little of the oil drops out of the air in the large bottom chamber, the louvered mesh catches some of the oil in the air, the stainless turnings pull most of the oil out of the air before it gets to the external filter. The filter on our separators takes at least 50 times longer for the same amount of oil soak as most units - much longer again for units like the empty GReddy unit !! A waste of money, Japanese name product.


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