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  Introducing ARE's range of high performance aluminium intercoolers....Hot Chilli.  Carrying on from the success of chilli intercoolers, we have just released our new off the shelf line of intercoolers.  Hot Chilli intercoolers have the same core as chilli intercoolers, but instead of cast tanks, Hot Chilli's have a fabricated sheet metal design.  The Hot chilli tanks have been designed and crafted though hours of flow-bench testing. This design incorporates everything we have learnt over the years that we can include on a cost / performance basis.

The new tanks!!! These guys are fabricated from sheet metal aluminium and welded together with the same quality and care as all our other products.  The design promotes notably superior intake charge distribution across the core and also a little less pressure drop.

A close up of the welds - as per usual the neatness and quality is simply ARE...


Type A

440 x 300 x 57
Which is 345% more efficient than a GTS25T Skyline Intercooler shown.

Type B    
520 x 300 x 57
which is 408% more efficient than a GTS25T Skyline Intercooler shown.

Type C 500 x 300 x 75
which is 430% more efficient than a GST25T Skyline Intercooler shown.


for those of you who require that little extra edge!  The Hot Chilli Pro option is available with any Hot Chilli intercooler, for an extra $190.00.  The Hot Chilli Pro option has inlet and outlet charge deflectors and our exclusively flow-bench developed venturi plate incorporated into the intake side.  

The inlet deflectors help to pull the intake charge down across the core for more even distribution which leads to increased efficiency.  The venturi plate gives a 'ram tube' effect, and thus increases the flow rate by a minimum of 4.8%.  The outlet deflector helps by guiding the gasses escaping from the long side of the tank, for a more efficient, short-radius exit.


Our Hot Chilli kit for the S13 CA18det Silvia.

This is our Hot Chilli intercooler kit for the S13 Sylvia. Together with two of the original pipes, all you need to get from the turbo & into the throttle body. This is straight up into the throttle body too , not the heat inducing factory way of back across the top of the radiator!


One problem of this direct route is having to cut away this hole in the inner mudgaurd, battery base for the pipe. Not easy, but has to be done. Paint around the edge of the cut when finished to stop rust developing. We also lined the cutout with rubber channel to protect the pipe a& give a professional look.



Fitted in the car, 520 x 300mm core just fits. Mega cooling here! The only improvement to this would be the Pro option as it really improves the charge distribution to the top of the core, where both inlet/outlet pipes have to be on the bottom like this.


Not exactly stealth. Certainly gives "the look"


Another Hot Chilli variation



Bob                       from Melbourne asked us to build a modified Hot Chilli type C for his HR33 GTS-T Skyline. He solved the problem of getting the intake charge back to the pass. side by a return pipe. The Hot Chilli tank shape gave suprisingly good flow through the tight right angle bend


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