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Tony Court's '89 Telstar TX5 



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  Tony Court.   89 Telstar TX5.  (& it's red too!)

  Tony was unlucky to have a front ender, which necessitated a couple of new panels, radiator & intercooler.  What an ideal time to upgrade the 'cooler he thought.  He reckons the time off the road is worth it now, the upgrade intercooler has made a very noticeable difference to the cars performance.  A mate who used to give him a real hard time in a Pulsar SSS, now has to watch him pull away from mid second gear on.  The further the distance, the bigger the performance gap between them!   Once again, not scientific, but real world, & he's rapt.

  The core is 25mm thicker, 120 mm wider & 30mm taller. That adds up to a whole bunch more dissipated heat! Without going to a cross flow 'cooler, this is as big as you can go.  Very minor panel work was needed as it is.

Note the channels on the inside of the pipes which really help the charge to turn & use the full width of core. The cut out radius in the top tank is to clear the headlight, & in testing, had a small detrimental effect on flow rate, but helped distribution through the core. This intercooler flows 38% more air, but it's heat dissipation is approx. 75% better.


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