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Stephen Moore's Datto 1600 SR20 det.





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Steve Moore's Datsun 1600 S14 SR20 DET (variable cam timing) Radiator.

  These two pictures show the two plane taper we had to fabricate into the tanks too maximise his cooling capacity.  Maximum size core & minimum size tanks.

  Also note the smooth high build  double weld on the inside joins in the tank.

  The side taper allows a full width of core to fit inside the header plates of the intercooler.  We are abit paranoid after finding Mick McGregor's radiator only just does the job during severe service. We want all of our products to have as big a over-performance margin as possible. As a result,  the surface area has increased (although we have to run the new Davies Craig Electric Water Pump to make enough room), the core thickness has increased from 37mm to 57mm. & in the new "dimple" tube, so we'll see how this goes.

  This is the finished article.  Horizontal tube is to slip the Davies Craig probe for the electronic fan controller we sell, so if the radiator ever has to come out, he doesn't have to worry about having to try & seal that bloody capillary tube of old.

  We mounted the Davies Craig EWP directly onto the bottom tank, eliminating 2 hose joints, much neater.  Once again, fabricated mounts for the fan.


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