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Quenton Nudd. Datsun 1200 Ute

CA18DET, 5speed,BW diff 


This car was bought brand new by Brisbane Radiator in 1973. In 1996 I fitted a rebuilt & modified A14 GX with brand new SU's, 040" overbore, Tighe cam, reverse gate 5 speed, etc. When the law changed in '98 to make the CA18 det legal, I started the next day, fitting one in, but with ARE being12 months old & growing every month, & still running Brisbane Radiator, 6 mths. of a/hrs work was really it & the car frustratingly sat around for 11 mths without a spanner on it. Jason Nye bought it, but he had started HI PSI & ran into the same problem, selling the car to Quentin. We had already built the modular intercooler/radiator & was asked to finish off the fitout.




 No room at the front of the turbo meant this drastic mod. It's as tight as can be without effecting flow 



 We knecked the 101mm donut down too match the taper on the flange so the venturie effect will still be the same. It's very important.



This is the outside of the cold air induction box. 101mm piping really crowds the front of a 1200 Dattie.


From the other side (inside) with the beaded pipe for the K&N pod.



Not allot of clearance but enough so nothing touches or rubs, & works properly.



Looking from the front shows how we folded the front of the cold air box inner wall across the intercooler tank, to funnel in more air.


The oil cooler gets full chop at the ambient air speed on the other side of the cold air induction - perfect setup ?



Mucho hours, which the owners may never realize.



Triple filtered oil breather between l.h. tower & cold air box.




Very crowded in the front right hand corner. 

The round cylinder at the front r.h. corner is an air/water seperator.

Note the use of silicon hose with speedflow JIC fittings. We carry these in stock.



Hoses of our oil cooler kit adapter. & 38mm donut used with silicon hose for radiator water.


Note the engine torque bar we made up. No room anywhere else & the 8 x 6mm bolts should hold up fine.


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