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Murray Jacket's Chev



Murray Jacket wanted a radiator for his '56 chev. sedan. We fabricated this unit a little taller in the core to mount a 16" fan flush with the fins, & it also gives abit more cooling capacity, or a bigger safety margin.


Very clean look from the front. The rectangular top tank blends with the top of the radiator support panel, for a different look.



His mate,                 , ordered a core for his Chev. at the same time, but wanted a more factory look, so we fabricated his radiator with a curved top tank. Harder & more time consuming to fabricate, but worth it if this look is what you want. The larger tank size will not help cooling, as the water capacity is excess to requirements.


The tank difference is obvious in this pic., even though the cores are the same dimensions. 



Mounting is also different between the two radiators.



The weight of this radiator with the extra water capacity in the top tank, is heavy enough to need a reinforcing  piece welded to the mounts at the "shear line", or weakest point. Also decorative, we could've welded it on the inside, for hidden strength.



Close up of our new sheet metal recovery caps fitted to a radiator.



Very close up pic. of our weld quality. These welds were done without the need of filler rod. 







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