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Geoff Northdurft '36 Ford

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  Geoff Nothdurft.  36 Ford / Blown small block.

What a tight fit this was. We wanted to give maximum cooling, but there was little room with the blower drive, so the fans had to be on the front. Not ideal for high performance cooling. A 57mm thick core with  two rows of the new dimple fin tube means he has plenty of heat dissipation, & one 16'' & one 14'' fan make sure there's plenty of air blown through to take the heat away.


  The two "ears" on the top tank are for the mounting rods that go back & secure to the firewall.


  Not scientific, but Goeff said if the top tank was 10,  it was very hot to touch, core at the middle of the 12" fan was 9,  core at the middle of the 16' fan was 3,  & the bottom tank was only warm to the touch!  That's the type of effeciency our radiators give.



  Note that both top & bottom tanks have allot of rear overhang on the core. This allows the blower drive room (they cover 1/3 of the belt) and maximize the cooling surface area for the given height. The bottom tank also holds the necessary larger volume of water than the top tank. The top tank is shaped to both take up minimal room and   dispurse the water evenly into the tubes, which is of paramount importance in an application like this height / width ratio. The tubes are very long for the number of them, so it is important to fill each tube as equally as possible.


  Close up of the pride we take in the quality & appearance of our craftmanship!  A radiator like this takes many extra hours of time compared the average aluminium job! ( if you get what I really mean)!!


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