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Peter Mezaros' Blown Stroked 351 Cleveland

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 Early 1999

Peter Mezaras's  Blown Ford 351 stroker T Bucket Radiator.

  These pictures are of the first Hot Rod radiator we built - see horrors for the sad story.

  All corners are rolled, whether folded or joined.



  Tack welded & having a trail fit to the core.



  Note the overhang to the rear of the bottom tank.  This give a lower profile to the radiator whilst supplying a reserve of water for the water pump.



  The spring hanger cut out allows the radiator to sit 30mm lower on the chassis, still gives enough clearance for the water to exit the tubes above, & gives a channel for a full flow of water to gat across to the outlet pipe.


  Note the internal double welding of all joins inside the tank.  The customer doesn't know they're there, but we do.



  We wanted to mount the radiator with rubber insulators, but couldn't come up with a 100% way of locating the top of the radiator on to the engine without spoiling the "look", so finished up solidly mounting it.



  Double 4mm plate was used for the mount & had to be welded together. Neat weld!


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