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Nigel Williams -  Corvette 

This is over $3000 worth of work !



Looking into the bottom of the Windscreen washer bottle showing the pump hidden inside the cavity. 



Windscreen washer bottle (with bottom lid off), then Recovery bottle, then header tank in order left to right looking from underneath.



The bottle set in their upright position. Bolts onto the firewall. The header tank is fitted with a billet filler neck (as is all our radiators) & one of our sheet metal recovery system radiator caps.




The lids on the front two bottles have not been notched when we took this pic.




The two airfoil cross section support bars (they do away with the front radiator support panel) we fabricated. The radiator & transmittion oil cooler is mounted on the bottom bar & the radiator on the top. 


Macro pic. of the fabrication & weld quality in our work. Trans. mount is very efficient.



This is the 'stepped' bottom radiator outlet pipe. Alloy radiators are very efficient but by engineering the setup to the max., we build a big safety margin into the cooling capacity - & give real value for $. In cross flow radiators I find that if the pipe is right at the bottom, it pulls too much water from the bottom rows of tubes, so to stop this happening, we split the pipe so it has too draw half the water from the top part of the core. This is a dual pass radiator so this is probably overkill, but !

When trial fitted to the car, the outlet pipe could not be made to clear the steering box & give full flow, so before we did an invisible patch on the tank, I took this pic. to show how our stepped pipe works. Nobody ever sees this sort of work because it is hidden inside, which is a shame as this is why our product may be more expensive than others.


Shroud we made for the two 14" DC fans.



Macro of the fan mounts. Welding could've distorted the 2.5mm sheet, so we milled these billet mounts which bolt on from the inside. Nigel is a machinist by trade & they impressed him.


Looking at the front of the radiator. The dual pass is done by making two tanks for that side, welding one on & then the other buts up. This way, water can't bypass & not be cooled.


From the rear before the fans were mounted. The -10 JIC fitting in the middle of the left tank is from the header tank & the -4 at the top is an air bleed, back to the header tank




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