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Mick McGregor's Datsun 1600

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Absolutely dead standard import engine, boost raised to 15lb - drops to 13lb, standard computer, clutch, gearbox etc. 12.7 sec @ 107 MPH - '99 Fast Fours Jamboree (as seen in top right photo's page 54 & NIS-016 page 65 August/September, Fast Fours Magazine).

These tanks were fabricated by handforming 4 pieces of flat and one piece tube.   There is not one flat part anywhere.  They have been curved every sq. cm. for maximum flow (& it showed on the flow bench) but especially to distribute the chare evenly though the intercooler at all volume and pressure levels.  Think about that!   Note the tank thins as it curves to direct the charge and still maintain velocity.

These babies don't come cheap - but you do get what you pay for.If it's a street car, in particular,  think what the intake charge does when it enters a big square shaped tank that allot of intercoolers have fitted, particularly at light throttle settings with no or little boost.  Don't think driveability!


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Part of Modular unit with intercooler and header tank.

NB. The two pipes on the right side are small top bleeder hose and bottom is the larger fill pipe.  No cap was used on the radiator.  we use stainless Allen key button head bolts whenever possible- neat! 37mm 2 row core.

  Showing top mounts  for Davies Craig fan at rear & onto body at front.





As seen in the 2001 Hot 4s yearbook

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