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John Whittaker - 260 ZX 26 DETT

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The radiator we made John late '02. Note the stepped header plate & wider tank is to allow us to run a 'cheater pipe across to direct more water over to the other side, as once again, both pipes are on the one side.


Fan mount on tanks &bracket for cold air plate. We also tapered the bottom tank to help even flow.



John wants maximum air flow through the front, so we fabricated this oil cooler to mount down behind the radiator. It is maximum size because of the disturbed air will not give the same cooling as in front of the radiator.



Mount we had to make & it's a real tight fit. Angled forward at the top to force all the air through & clear balancer.



John got us to mount his new PWR air/water intercooler setup. I told him that I consider it to be undersize for his application, so we'll see if I finish with egg on my face !



The unit fitted up in the front. It has cleaned air flow up to the radiator.John had this fitted because even with the best radiator we could build him, the car was still running too hot at a January track day. Every turbo car , with big front mounts, was in the same boat.


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