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David Dodds 206 cub. FC Holden s/w.




Dave couldn't drive this sano car very far at all during the day. In fact he trailered it in to us, to be sure of , making it. It was that bad. He was running a cut down 3 row 50mm Commodore copper/brass radiator.

Note the fan brackets on edge for miniscule air flow disruption with maximum strength.

To be fair, we ordered our core 40mm wider & 22mm taller, but only in 2 row 37mm. Because of the height of the core, check out the profile of the left hand inlet tank. The old 202 water pumps are not the most efficient, so we thinned the tank down as much as possible to force more water through the middle section of the core. We didn't have enough thickness too dual pass it & Dave had all the cut outs for the pipes in the support panel.

An example of the effort we put into our work is the bracket too support the extended filler neck Dave needed. It would take years before any chance of cracking from the leverage, but we never want anything like that to happen with our product.


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