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Bill Dixon - '62 Corvette 



This is a real tricky time consuming way to solve the room problem.




Anyone who knows these cars, will sympathize with us as there is very little room around the bottom outlet pipe, due to the steering box. We knew the radiator had the safety capacity to be able to make it 70mm narrower & still cool, but it would look both ugly & ugly, so we spent the time fabricating an oe. type box housing for the outlet pipe. Very hard to do in alloy compared to copper/brass, as we have to be able to get the head of the TIG torch in around the back to weld because of the much higher heat needed 600 deg. instead of solders 250deg.. The way aluminium dissipates heat much better than brass & the length of heat in a soldering torch flame compared to the heat spot from a TIG torch, make this much easier to solder as oe.



Bill Dixon gave us a little challenge to upgrade the radiator in his 62 Corvette Convertible. The radiator had been cooling just okay until he slipped an 11 sec. "bullet" (on street tyres) in between the chassis rails, now he couldn't sit on 110 on the freeway without the gauge going to the red. I think stop/start driving did the same. He had to stop & let it cool down! We made this 57mm dimple wall tube radiator up, & now the gauge hardley moves in any situation! He was rapt.


Top side band also acts as the fan mount.


Where it belongs, doing what it should do. A big cooling drop to the copper/brass unit.



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