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]From sketch drawn custom engineered alluminium constructions, to header tanks, alloy pipework, unique one-off intercoolers and radiators, we cater for all kinds of alluminium engine cooling equipment.  Got an idea, why not challenge us!!!

Nathan Semmens Honda CRX.   One hot car!!!  Like 623 H.P. as dynoed at JG Engine's facility before sending out here.


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A front shot of the CRX being loaded onto the truck.  This shows size of the intercooler and pipes.




Close up   of the three custom made alloy bottles - water recovery, air/oil separator and windscreen washer.



A close up shot of engine bay showing inlet pipe, Godzilla blow off valve, water hoses, and Plenum inlet that was modified to clear the brakes.


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Danny Irvine's Mazda 626 - rotary fitted intercooler

Stepping up the boost required an intercooler.  We modified his RX7 supplieds unit too suit.   We had to change the position of the bottom manifold.  We would've preferred to eliminate the bottom pipe completely but worried about proximity of the larger patch to the tank to heder plate seam.  The higher heat used TIG welding than factory purnace assembly can cause some leaks from the seam.


As above -

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The intercooler after be soaked it
in our bath to clean our the 'cooler'
internally and then sprayed with acid


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  Mick McGregor's Datsun 1600 SR20 DET header tank.
Made for modular to work with radiator and intercooler.







  Troy Quelche's 6cyl. Torana header tank.
Made modular to work with custom radiator.






  Andrew McDonald wanted a means of filling the cooling system completely in his radical engined Valiant streeter.  We made up this T-piece with polished O-ring sealed cap.





  Toowong Radiators repaired the O.E tank twice and then asked us to make an alloy replacement.  We finished the tank with a satin finish.




  We had to make our own stainless T bolts, mill a channel in the alloy bar to stop them turning & weld the bar onto the bottom of the tank, holding the bolts captive against the tank, providing a solid mount.






  Bottom mount was tricky, as bolts cannot be safely mounted from inside the tank. 




  Pride in our workmanship.



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  Jason  May brought this in of one of his Import  cuts.

  A Damaged HKS blow off valve from an import   front cut.Triangular scrap piece was first welded on to fine tune the Aerowave settings before commiting to the job.




  The flange has been welded on & all that remains is to machine the weld off so the flange will seal.

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  Paul Charman's Nissan Pulsar ET turbo. 




  The air / water intercooler is off a Subaru Liberty & is perfect for this application. It has plenty of capacity for both intake charge (resulting in a small pressure drop) & water volume - giving good heat transferance.  Also fits in real neat to adding to the overall appearence of the engine bay.





  We did the pipework for Paul after he mounted the Intercooler, small radiator, water pump,  hoses, switch & wiring himself. This made a big saving on the cost of the job for him


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  Brendon Podlich wanted a 'cool fuel' can for his tough street / strip V8 Torana.  This is what we fabricated for him. Thats two meters of 12mm. id. tube coiled up & braced inside the can. It needs bracing because the forces generated by the weight of the ice & water could fracture the tube joints.



  That's welding a 1.6mm reinforcing strip onto the 0.8mm tube.




  Bottom side of can showing two - 8 speedflow fittings for fuel & one - 6 for a drain



  Finished, ready for the lid.  A small problem is the lid has a fine thread, making it a little slow to turn on & off.




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  Mark Davis wanted a surge pot to feed the twin Bosch Motorsport pumps that feed the Crower/Motec injection on the 6 liter chev. engine powering his ski race boat. We also suggested a 'H balance log' be made to give an even pressure to both sets of injectors. Even if both pumps have equal pressure output now, who's to know if it will be the same in 12 months time. Also, if something happens to one pump, at least they will be able to motor back - not row back!




  We are also agents for Speedflow & could set him up with these quality AUSTRALIAN made fittings at a good price.



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  Brendon Podlich wanted this blow off valve fitted the second day of owning his Nissan 200 SX (doesn'r waste time). We made him this ' T ' to splice into the intake pipe.




  Now matter how small the job, we try our hardest for you.

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  Another job for Brendon.  He wanted his alloy fuel tank modified with a sump for the pickup & external outlet pipe. This is the sump we made, sitting upside down on the tank. The six holes are for fuel entry, being just on the bottom of the tank. The third size plate is to stop most of the fuel climbing out of the sump under hard braking with a light fuel load. The big hole is for the pickup pipe to be welded in.



  I set the 'areowave' up to weld a very small fillet weld on the 10mm. dia. pipe to the Speedflow  - 8 weldon. Neat !


  Brett Wiltshire needed A real low filler elbow fabricated to fit  the fuel cell for his resto XY V8 Falcon. Must be some restoration ! He only had a small height difference between the fuel filler kneck & the top of the cell. He didn't want to have to fill it in the boot. The flange on the right has been drilled & tapped & slipps inside the tank.



  Finnished article. Petrol has a shallow 15 deg. downhill run.





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Richard Reiken races a tough SS/A 385 cube 308 Holden Commodore at Willowbank & wanted a good pyrge tank to stop any oil / smoke getting to his "vac u pan". This was happening at the end of a run in the top end.


  These first two pics. show his sample for us to work off & the parts we made up to do the job. Note the perforated sheet  we used to retain the stainless steel baffle material. it also stops any loose stainless slithers from breaking off & possably entering the engine, which I reckon would otherwise happen. The sheet was retained by the folded strips being welded onto the tank walls. If the sheet by itself was welded on, it would soon crack with the vibration.



  Shows the baffle material securely trapped  by the reinforced perforated trays.



  Finnished article. Engine has had another rebuild for even more power at higher revs so the tank will be even more important





  Geoff Scott from the Autoshop in Marybough was having trouble with coolant temperatures in a Suzuki 1300 litre sprint car engine he was maintaining.  Towards the end of a feature, the oil temp was climbing too high & the water temp was still too cool (unless they had part of the radiator taped - one advantage of running methanol).  This is what we fabricated for them.

  The inner oil tubes tacked together. We used convoluted 1.6mm wall extrusion.


  Finished article with a turned pipe with o-ring groove to seal in the water pump housing on this end & the two -- 8 oil hose unions welded onto the side.   Our Areowave is set up with different settings to weld the -- 8 fittings to the internal oil gallery, to weld the oil gallery to theouter housing & to weld the housing end cap to the centre body. Doesn't make allot of difference but worth the time / effort in abit better, more sound product.


  Other end of housing showing the Speedflow -- 16fitting for the water inlet hose.



  Close up of our welding.  Shows the different weld of the two joints acheived by changing the Areowave settings.





  Batch of three header tanks  wiyh small pressed filler knecks



  Bottom of tanks.  Top, bottom plates & cylinder ends are all rolled for welded joint, which means when the weld is linished off for polishing, there is still a full thickness of material - no thin spots.


  Close up of tops after welding. Note that little filler rod is used & with rolled edges, a super joint results.  The filler knecks were Hydrogen brazed on from underneath before top plate welded on.  We would not like to use these pressed knecks on a race application as they are nowhere near as strong as a billet kneck - half the price though!




f0015at.JPG (7693 bytes)   The best & most expensive Miller welder in Australia & a guy comes in & askes us to weld up some brackets he cut out of scrap, for his  68 VW Combie roof rack.                   What a waste of equipement!! Seriuosly thou, every job is treated nearly equal, as can be seen by the quality of the welds we did for him.

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