Nissan Navara & PathfinderV9X V6 tdi Intercoolers
We initially added this page on the bottom of our Navara D22 page, but as we spent more & more time & effort on R&D of the vehicle, It became that informative & detailed that it has to have it's own page.

What is wrong with the V9X charge air cooling ?
Actually, I should ask "what' s right with the V9X intercooling" ! -- Bugger all



Actually, I'm nitpicking to start, but this is the front 'snail' of the turbo, so it will be very hard & expensive to upgrade to a Garrett etc. unit. Also I notice the gasket has a little overhang.   The front of the 'snail'. O ring sealed pipe on left is the outlet hot side which is harder to pipe off & big pipe on right is the cool ambient inlet side air.


 This is where the 'wrongs' start - right at the turbo! The oe type pipe on the left is 60.1 mm. id. & the 'snail' outlet id is 42.3 mm. id. This is a very big 17.4mm. reversion step. ARE tapers from 42.3 up to 47.8 mm. with little turbulence & eddying. This is looking into their pipe against the direction of charge air flow. Each side of the step is 8.7mm. meaning the air has to slow from 285kph down to 142 kph. It only has to slow to 227kph in our 2" pipes. Much less than half the disturbance  
                   Pic. from www. forum. A good source for information.                              These are the two adapters onto the ic.
This is our shorter 2" upgrade  hot pipe with quality silicon's that won't expand. A Plazzmaman pipe is shown on the oe pipes Now we move to the inlet tank. It is bigger than a GTR Skyline & they can support 500kw ! It also has a 'Camels hump' which disrupts air flow The core has it's problems. It is the same construction as the Patrols but with allot longer tubes, they are even more prone to splitting &/or cracking at the header plate joint. The tube & internal fin material is too thin. The other problem with the core is the gap down each side of the fins. Usually 6mm on one side but we have seen 16mm on the other. This is free passage with no cooling of the  % of air that barrels thru here. The outlet of the cool side pipe adapter is 2". The inlet one hot side is 2.25". I can't remember ever seeing this in any factory or  'brand' performance turbo system !!!
     It is called a reducer, but in this case is actually an expander                The housing does not have a 360 bead so fit clamp properly.             
The air comes out the intercooler in the 2" hose & hits this expander which takes it up to 60mm. A double disturbance. This is our shorter 2.25" cool pipe replacement. Allot of the oe pipe is 3" so it's air speed is 96kph. Ridiculously slow (lag). Suit a modded GTR or V8, not a diesel 4x4. The 'throttle stop' is 60mm. id. The shaft is 10mm. od., so the actual air flow diameter is 53.2 mm. id. This is only 181kph so I don't know why they have so much 3" (85kph) hose when it exits the intercooler 2" (196kph) This is 2 pages from our computer lag programme. There are other factors involved that make the factory system even worse e.g. the number of steps in the pipe/rubber joins that all hurt flow & increase lag. This is for my Truck mule, but pipe & hose sizes are same. This is off my own truck.  49,000klm's & half of these with the EGR electronically disabled.

Bloody terrible. What would it  be like at 100,000 k's if not blocked??

Navara D40 V9X  3.0L V6 Replacement Intercoolers
Our oe replacement - Much stronger with a small performance/economy gain.

V9X Nissan 3.0L V6 550 & STX Navara & Pathfinder

  $895.00 exchange     6% more efficient      500% (that is 5 times) stronger. Our Australian made replacement recore. Welded tanks.  Exchange only.
Our Australian made replace- ment core on top of the Nissan oe. core Easy to see the difference in the tubes between the two. Macro of the tube wall thickness, type & construction. No comparison really.    

Navara D40 V9X  3.0L V6 Performance Intercoolers
Our High Performance Upgrade - Much stronger with a good performance gain.

V9X Nissan 3.0L V6 550 & STX Navara & pathfinder
Buying this intercooler & pipe kit as a package is $2210.00, saving $170.00

   $1286.00 exchange    34% more efficient        500% (that is 5 times) stronger. Our Australian made performance core.  Welded tanks.  Exchange only.
Our longer Australian made performance core on top of the Nissan oe. core Easy to see the difference in the tubes between the two. Macro of the tube wall thickness & construction. No comparison really. For more cooling we cut both tanks down 20mm & lengthen the core by 40mm. You can see both the shorter tank with the 'ski ramp' which reduces the volume from 2.74 down to1.58 litres. Less lag. This is the 'sky ramp' we weld into both tanks as it smooths flow & reduces volume. Grinding is also visible This is part of what separates us from everyone else. We developed this computer programme over 16 years & it is extremely accurate, giving us the ability to engineer a near perfect product

Navara D40 V9X  3.0L V6 Performance Pipe Upgrade
Our High Performance Upgrade - Proper hard pipe sizing & ceramic coated.


 $1094.00             no  exchange   definitely less lag ! Pipes are proper size for up to 30 psi., constant diameter, mandrel bends, quality silicons, ceramic heat retaining coated.
  Pipe comparison between Nissan oe (but with a Plazzmaman hard pipe) & our ARE kit  Hot pipe comparison


 Cool pipe comparison


The hot pipe & adapter off the turbo are ceramic coated inside & out, greatly reducing under bonnet heat. Totally different to the powder coating on the pipe I bought  Note the ceramic coating on the inside as well as outside. Costs more but definitely worth it.
                             Our ARE developed LAG computer programme. NB: nothing to do with Turbo Lag, that is a separate problem to deal with.       
 The engine spec. page
Comparison of the Plazmaman hot pipe (similar dimension to Nissan oe & our smaller more efficient adapter   Looking into the Plazmaman hot pipe that I had fitted There are so many untruths about lag on the net that we developed this programme to prove the facts. It is about volumes & not pipe steps, bends, temperatures, etc., & is based on proper pipe engineering. At idle the ARE air speed is 61% less lag time than Nissan oe ! We are not interested in heat here, just movement of a certain volume of air from the turbo to the intake valve.

Notes to go with the pipe kits.
# Most important. Remember that allot of your 'turbo lag' can actually be 'pipe or tank shape lag'
# All the charge air speeds on this page are calculated form this engine specification sheet in our computer modelling programme click me so you compare apples with apples. The engine revs & boost are as listed.

# Our kits do not need to be anchored down with the oe. bracketry because the alloy mandrel bends & quality silicon elbows & joiners do not expand & flex like the oe. hoses do. They need to 'float' to allow foe engine movement,
the same as all our performance & race car pipework.